Tuesday, November 8, 2011




Eh, this post is dedicated to some of those car addicts out there~
If you're uninterested, maybe you could skip everything to the last paragraph of the post ^^.

I'm too, love cars.
Maybe because I'm a boy? They say males like hard things, like vehicles, robots and so on.
But I like cars, luxury cars, but hard to own them. :X
All of these pictures were shot by me~
I saw them in real, on the road =)

Here's another Bentley~
Only once I saw in a while.
Never saw before in real. Or either, in Malaysia. :P

A Brabus~

BMW Z series~
I wonder if the owner opens the roof. :P
Probably only when he's going Genting Highlands, and probably not in highways here.
You might only eat dust if you do so.  hehe

Another R8~ in Kepong

Another Bentley~ WTF
So many Bentley in KL.

Hey! Be proud!! Our Myvi~

Lol, focus in the image, find something interesting~!

Have you found it?

At the top of the car plate, there's a black cap thingy there.
First I wonder what's that, a bee? or fly.
When I got nearer, I knew what it is. A great sense of humor grew in my heart.
I laughed like crazy for a while for that thingy.
It is a CCTV, for that Myvi, shooting at its car rear bumper.
I knew you know why he did this, right?

Nonetheless the owner is to make evidence for people who bang on his car to pay for compensation! 

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