Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Exploring Day

Yea, exploring day again today
No class, No work, Nothing much to do, so I went out for a walk.
And I was joking actually :P
Promised to help my friend to buy an item, and went to Midvalley
Thanks for ocp~ for accompanying me to there.
As I were to breakthrough again, drove to Midvalley.
What they say the midvalley city was quite confusing, large, maze, and bla bla bla
I went 1 way straight there, not much obstacles.

After reaching there, another thing that I might concern was the parking fare.
Initially I am afraid that the parking fare would be very high.
But luckily it was not.
Sharing with you guys, the parking fare at midvalley was
Rm2 for the first 3 hours.
Rm1 for the every subsequent hours.
No maximum cap.
So, don't leave your babey vehicle overnight there. 
It might cost you a bomb :P

Not much people today, sweet and comfortable walking there.

The GSC, remember back the fire incident that happens a few days ago?
I wonder if they restored everything already.

Yeah, that's the shop that we were to go.

And this is the thing I should be buying.
But wait, huh.
Rm94.95? What da hell? So expensive.
That price is for the bigger elmo in the picture up there.
For the smaller elmo there, it cost rm30.
These toys are expensive, expensive by their popularity.
It's famous, it's expensive to get it.

And I also get something for myself.
A new watch for me. ^^
I love it so much.

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