Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Confucian Private School 105th Anniversary

The snack seems tasty, :P

I'm here at confucian private school today night, it's their anniversary dinner, and it's BIG!
The Confucian private school was one of the oldest chinese private school in Malaysia, and it's quite memorable. They said that before the school, it's a military base for the Jepun army back in years.
To date, the school had improve and innovated to be one of the famous chinese private school out there in the city. Every chinese parents tend to send their children here.

Other than celebrating the school's 105th anniversary, the dinner also tends to collect fund for the school's higher education loan foundation. People's have to buy or donate to get a seat in the hall.

The Mr Yang, donated the most. Rm 308k.

The starting of the ceremony by the chinese orchestra.

The initiation of the dinner by most of the donors.

And then performances going on...

And this is the last scene before I leave the hall.
It's just before the final performance.
As seen, more than 70% people left. :P

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