Friday, November 11, 2011

Morning Rush

Early in the morning, 2 hours driving to here

Where's this?
It's the SJKC Sungai Way's open day in it's hall!
Awake so early in the morning, driving long distance to the school to see this:

Eh? No!
It's this:

Yes, the school's diabolo team is performing.
And I'm there to guard them.

This is the team A, with lesser people and better skills.
However, forgive me for the blur picture.
I'm just too far away from the stage.

After the performance I only knew that every performance is presented in a form of talent show.
The best performance will be awarded.
While the judges are calculating the marks, someone sang~
The girl in the diabolo team, whom is multi-talented.

The marks are out, diabolo performance got the third place.
Good job guys! Be better next week~ =)

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