Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy CNY 2nd Day to Jusco only

Happy Chinee New Year, again, haha.
Expected chinese new year will very fancy and full of exciting moments.. In fact, it is not.

It was still counted as cny, and I decided to go vege for today also, but sadly..

Rm2 vege shop is off!
Wow, it was the first ever time I saw it off.
The shop was so nice, works even most major public holiday.
I thought it just doesn't off, until today.
Argh, nevermind, turn around and look around~


"Section Clear!"
Wow, the whole street is so.. clean.
Awesome huh?

Since nothing's here, let's head on to Jusco.
The jusco at kepong which i always talk about, and let's see what's inside there.

Still, cars are lining up for the U-turn to jusco. 
Whatsupp guys, you all didn't balik kampung?

The motorist's parking area, full.

The outdoor car parking area, full also.

Note that Jusco do have indoor parking areas at 2nd , 3rd and 4th floor of the building.
It's much bigger there.
The parking rates is as follow:
Free for the first hour, and Rm1 flat after that.
If you have J-card, present it during paying parking tickets and you'll get 2nd hour parking Free also.
I have a J-card, therefore I can park here 2 hours free, while others only 1 hour.

Groceries are still available, I wonder where they get those grocers from eh?

Jusco's Arena(food court) is open too, but most stalls are off due to CNY season.

Most shops are off, only some big ones are open.
Like this shop we have here, the YuYanSang.

Lil cute Dragon decorative.

KFC's hiring, wanna job?

In the end, lazy of walking anymore.
I've settled down at marrybrown and had my lunch there.
The meals are same, but the price had gotten up. hmp.


  1. Marry brown price increase? I tot is fix price?

  2. Hi SimplePerson,

    Haha, think that I've not been there for few years already. THeir nasi marrybrown expensived abit compared to last time which is around 8.3 or 8.5, now 8.9. haih, inflasi, why not my salary~

  3. gongxifacai! :)

    blog hopping here!