Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vege Spotted

It's Tuesday today, good tuesday eh~ haha
I'm at Subang early morning to finish off some job and searching for lunch, desperately.

Everywhere was so expensive, and so class there.
However, it's good that I've found this.
The so famous Rm2 Vegetable meal at subang jaya SS15.
It's just as nice as anything.
Love it =)
It saves money and it values much.

Think of it, world's on crisis.
Financial crisis, where the riches get richer, and the poorest get poorer.
What the hell am I talking about? 

In Malaysia, you can find properties value are rising tremendously.
Everything is getting so expensive, what more?
Car's getting more important to everyone life. It's crucial to own a car for each individual.
As for the traditional asian idea, you gotta get yourself a house and a car, as well as a family and then your life is wonderful and perfect!
Everything means about money!
Heh, back in the small ages, we want lolipop, just ask
"mom, I want lolipop"
Simple and easy.
What next? You want a car?
Yea, most probably you could still ask that
"dad, I want myvi"
Thinking that you're not using your own money but in fact, your family's. What's the different?
Back to topic, property is even worse case.
Normal on-the-floor houses cost above 300k to date.
Yeah, now it costs that, and it will raise!
Estimated 5 years later, it will be 450k, and then 600k, then 1m. 
Still earning 2ks per month?
and Saving 500 per month, it is not even enough for us to buy even a 100k house in a short period. :(

So what? You say. Let's work harder.
Sorry about the chinese video, but it is the fact.
It tells we youngster should throw off everything and fight for our future!
No entertainments no love no couple no facebook no movie no everything
Invest all of the time to what it makes strides for our future.
Are you doing the right things now?

haha, even I'm like not sure I'm doing the right things now.
But believe will make everything comes true. =)
I believe in my decision, I'm on my life journey to what I deserve to be!


  1. from now dun let me see u facebook,ice skating,watch movie,eat Momo,bla bla bla ah XD
    i personally think that one should live the life fully.too much hard works or too much enjoyment is not the meaning of life.do find a balance way.u just live once!

  2. True, they are jus way too 'awesome' or so called ki siao.
    Live life to the fullest doesn't only mean working solely for future all the time, there's something we are able to do now and not later time.
    For instance, I'm not gonna go bungy jump after my 40. Hehe