Saturday, January 21, 2012

My little dreammie - Honda CR-Z

So excited today, guess what?
I'm on my way to school and I saw this!
The Honda CR-Z, first I saw in Kuala Lumpur.

It's awesome, truely sporty.
I really loves this car so much, I'm owning it.

Why is this car so special? You ask.
Let's take a deeper look into it.

Honda Malaysia

The Honda CR-Z is another hybrid car released by Honda in part of the Insight.
For our information, hybrid cars are used to be big, buggy, no power and the only thing is that they saves fuel.
Now, the CR-Z cuts out the idea and make hybrid together sporty possible!

Now, the CR-Z is introduced in the country is priced at RM115,000 with on-the-road insurance.
(Or you might take it RM111,878 without insurance)
This is so called the Hot-Hatch Hybrid, the CR-Z is powered by 114 PS and 145Nm 1.5Litre LEA SOHC i-VTEC engine together with a 10kW 78Nm MF6 brushless DC electric motor and an Intelligent Power Unit(IPU).
In all, they deliver 124 PS at 6,000rpm and 174Nm of torque at 1,500rpm. 
That's good and better than the City which is also 1.5L.

Nextly, the car provides 3 driving mode to be chosen by driver on different driving condition.
Nevertheless, this makes us driver happier. +)
The 3 modes are Sport mode(Better acceleration), Normal mode(Balanced), and ECON mode(Fuel Saving).

Getting boring of the old noob analog speedometer?
CR-Z gives you a new advanced speed meter there.
It's fancy, yet it provides accurate information such as battery charge, instantanouse fuel economy and fuel remaining based on current driving style to the driver.
Notice the middle red ring, it goes blue when you are driving fuel savingly, and red when you are wasting fuel. ;)

The heart of the CR-Z is a 1.5Litre i-VTEC engine that comes together with Integrated Motor Assist(IMA), thus enchansing the engine for better acceleration while fuel saving as well.
It comes with a 6-Speed manual gearbox, which is considered optimum gearbox for sporty driving.

The CR-Z is a sport car, what so sporty?
It is a Hot-hatch, plus it is only 2 sitted.
3 Doors only including the back hatch.

For additional details, take a look here.

A little dissappointing that Honda only offers White CR-Z only.
And there's only 6-Speed MT variant only, heard that CVT variant will be coming this year. :D
Expect 120k for the CVT variant eh.


  1. It is RM115k so start saving..
    Very nice car...

  2. Yep, it is very attractive.

    let's start saving from now..~ eh haha