Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 ! !

Celebrating new year 2012, I'm going for my first ever countdown in my life out today!
Seems like all the previous year I'm doing the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ! thingy inside the house with the tv
But it's not the same this year---

Drove my little kancil out, expect tremendous parking later

Firstly settled down at my friends house, awaiting gathering and dinner

Last dinner at 2011~ @ De Pastry with sizzling~

We manage to reach our venue, the Desa Park City !

Everywhere's so crowded and lively!

There's even people doing the Kong Ming Deng!

Live band singin with their souls

Little deer~ Is this the christmas decoratives that haven't been set down? :P

The stage area, so damn crowded.
There's lots of stalls selling foods and everything there

Live stage countdown show

Someone dropped this, and I pick it

Even playground!

Program list, but who cares, I'm there by 9pm and I felt bored in waiting

Terrible rubbish bin~ I think the management forgot about this issue
Probably they should prepared more plastic bags for rubbish.

Even the lakeside is full of people.

Lets beer right before 2012!~ 

And now it's the time! 
Lets scream 5! "fiiii"
4! "fooo"
3! "teeee"
2! "tuuuuu"
1! "wannnnnn"


Yes, obviously this is what we are all awaiting for.
The so damn fucking awesome fireworks there
The fireworks last for about 8 minutes, and it's just too great.

Now problem..


And we had supper here. :P

Afterall, it's an awesome countdown event for me, at least the fireworks are awesome
2011 ended, so fast
And what am I doing now?
I shall not forget the past, as it's one of the evidence that I'm Living!
Happiness and Sadness throughout the year
Luckiness or misfortuness over the year
Everything and everything builds up my life experiences

365 days ago, I'm still another moron
Who just graduated from high school, finished SPM, playing here and there
And I've meet my tutor of life.
I've made my decision.
No U-turns now, everything's going as I thought and this is my path
I knew it clearly
With crystal clear goal and targets, I'm in no doubt!
And thanks for it, I've grown up

At the same time, I've met you
You gave me the best ever life experiences
Care neither hapiness or sadness, 
That's the memories that cannot be replace
cannot be modified
cannot be forgotten
Time will never goes back, everyone knew that, you too
Our path might not be linear, but crossed-over,
and I believe, it's in a very interesting way
All the best and goodluck! cen 

At last, I've found this when people sharing on Facebook.
It's the fireworks in Desa Park City.
Enjoy People~ =)

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  1. I miss Malaysia. Celebrated my New Year in Melbourne. Fireworks weren't as great but it's a new experience nonetheless. All the best with your goals!