Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY Da First Deey

Happy Chinese New Year again!
Haha, for the first day of the celebration, most people should've went reunion with their big big family members at very far place.
However, that's not a life of mine.
Other than facing the computer whole day, I've went to the cinema for a movie with mum. +)

The Viral Factor

We went to the Kepong Jusco TGV Cinema for the movie, and it was surprisingly crowded there.
I thought most people backed hometown? Not so true.
By the way, believed this few days will the bangla's heaven in KL, as they don't back hometown,
they don't reunion and celebrate, but they shop. :P

The queue buying movie tickets were so long there at the cinema counter, and sorry guys, I 4-got take 4-to.
Thanks to the help of technology, I've escaped this. :P
I've buy my ticket via online and redeem the ticket at the booking counter at 1400, my movie starts 1415.

Little tips here on how to buy TGV tickets via online.
All you need is to have an online banking enabled account will do.
1. Pick Your Movie

2. Pick your place, movie and time

3. Check your seat, input your name email phone number and confirm your payment method.
Multiple payment methods are available such as Credit Card, Maybank2u or even Paypal.

4. Proceed to your banking or crediting.

5. An email will be send to you. 
You just need to give the booking number to the counter and they will print the tickets for you. =)

In this case, you just avoided the super long queue before the counter. 
But be aware, this service is a booking service, an RM1 booking fee is included.
I'll prefer giving rm1 instead of the logn long queue, how about you?

Okay now, let's enjoy teh movie!

Haha, I'm not gonna spoil your mood giving much reviews of the movie here.
However what I wanted to talk about was this movie, was taken in Malaysia. =D
Very near, the scenario was shoot in varius places around Kuala Lumpur.
So proud of our country. haha

Lil bit of teaser eh~


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