Saturday, October 10, 2009


Code Geass : Lelouch of Rebellion R2

It was 1230 now.
Perhaps, someone finished job adi and heading home now.

Every time I tend to update my blog, but lazy to do it.
And I've no idea why I'm not lazy now. :P
This is the 70th post already.
I wonder time goes swiftly.
It's also undeniable that there's fun within it. xDD

After so long, finished download the R2!!
And just finished watching it.
My comment of it wasn't much differs from the previous, but enhanced.
It was a great anime, never lose it.
Total of 50 eps was not a waste time for me, perhaps.
And it was so sad, so touch, so exciting within it.

Zero's Requiem
destroy and recreate.

Damit, tears again. :P

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