Friday, July 17, 2009

Shock ● N ● Unpredictable

Was shocked, shocked.. really shocked..
That bothers me my whole journey back home.
It's just throughout my head all along.

She tells me that I'm "r.u.l.d" or something similar.
Don't really understand what the term she said, I asked if it is "rude", but not..
It means that I'm talking things regardless the situation.
Ex: ..

That reminds me back, what I don't wanna remind back.
Gor told me before such things.
The same meaning, same tone, and same subject.
I should mind my words and tones when talking.
Probably I'm just too wild in conversation or what..

'Probably you can make friends by such attitude, but you may not achieve anything higher than that. For instance, your boss is not gonna bring you out to meet anyone just because of your behaviour'

It was not what I want.
It was not what I demand.
It was just out of expectation!

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