Thursday, February 23, 2012

Must be Better

Saw this pic from somewhere and somewhat felt sad of it.
It is not the first time you being nagging and complained for most and all stuff you did eh, Malaysia?
I shall not blame the country for the fault but the staffs aren't just completing the work in a better way.
Even just a simple situation, I 'WOW' when I saw the top picture, never thought that road block can be efficient as how they do, because I live in the city of the lower portion picture.
And most of the time, not that you being road blocked to checked for your identification, but you ended up getting a police summon ticket for various lame reason.
And please people!
Please don't bribe the police, you're making the nation's reputation poorer and poorer.
Say 'Tak Nak 2 Rasuah' and just kindly receive the summon whenever it is given.
For the sake of our next generations, build a better government.

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