Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pity KFC

Ever heard of KFC? The all-time so tasty fried chicken place~?
I can't remember since when I ate my first KFC, at my baby state.
I ever thought that this is 1 of the best thing to eat in the range of fast food.
Even it's rival, McDonald always opens a shop right beside of it. :P

However, the joy ends soon enought after the recent case of KFC.
It happens at the KFC branch at i-City, the workers got frustated and hit the queue-ing customer bare fisted.
The reason was said due to there is not enough supply of chicken to the customer.
And one of the customer who queued up for long, when until his turn, the worker told him that there's no more chicken to sell.
And the customer just being dissappointed and request the shop to apologize, but this just gone wrong.

Youtube video uploaded showing condition before the fight:

Uploader: Pelanggan memang tak marah dengan perkatan yang buruk, belia cuma cakap dia akan complaint kat I-City saja.... tetapi, ganasnya pekerja KFC tersebut, ambil besi dari dapur nak hantam kat pelanggan tu... walaupun video ni tak boleh nampak besi yang pekerja pegang tetapi boleh dengar bunyinya....

sebab-sebab video inin dirakamkan adalah untuk bukti saja... janganlah orang yang tidak berada kat situ cakapkan yang bukan-bukan; aku rasa pelanggan tersebut memang tidak bersalah, sebab aku pun tunggu lebih dari 45 minutes untuk dapatkan makanan saja dimana depan saya cuma 5 pelanggan saja...

kalau ayam dah habis, cakap je elok2 dgn customer, kita orang memang faham...

Now, let's watch the show!

KFC worker fight with customer in I-City...the customer were waited for more than 1 hour but when comes to his turn, there is NO MORE fried chicken for him... the customer request the management to apologize but the useless Store Manager doing nothing instead the worker shouted at customer - "kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah BABI.." ....

Here's the news:
KUALA LUMPUR: All he wanted was fried chicken for dinner, but Danny Ng, 26, got a zinger in the face instead.

In my point of view, whoever strike fist at the first place are wrong in the first place.
Never ever draw your fist to solve a problem, it only hurts and chained more problems up.
From all of the sources of media, we can see that Danny Ng did not raise up any racist issue, provoke or anger at the workers, but being just wanted a chicken for dinner, he got himself roasted up.
What's even more rediculous was the KFC biggiies doesn't seems to be appologizing immediately.
They are leaving the case to the PDRM investigation, and if it proved that KFC is wrong, then only they will appologize.

What a funny thing to be! Wait for the investigation's result?
As for big companies and major franchaises, their image should be first priority, but I don't see this in KFC.
Bet they earned enough. :P

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