Friday, February 24, 2012

Stop Lynas, save Malaysia ♥

The title is much of self explaining, what?
You don't know what happened?! 
Malaysia is going dead guys, please know what are the government are doing.

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia! ♥

Lynas is going to  already setup a factory in Kuantan to process rare earth material, which is much of a good thing for telecomunication device manufacture such as Apple, Samsung but not for us.
Even worst that they processes will produce large amount of waste product which is radioactive.
What is radioactive you ask,

I wish not to see radiation started to spread in Malaysia.
With a little knowledge, one should know the circumstances that will be brought by radiation as well as ionization of our cell to our health condition.
Unless you want to make babies with 2 heads. 

As a science stream student, I know well how dangerous is radioactive and circumstances that radioactive will lead to. While I think the government not.
In spite of few examples in history of Malaysia, we already know how bad will those waste product affects the health of population surrounding. --- Refer to the case of Bukit Merah
Now we are glad that we lived in country freed of earthquake typhoon and so many natural disaster, but instead, shall we face man-made disaster soon?
We have the power to make change, not only for ourselves but the future generation.

Don't know about what is 'Lynas'? Read about it here.
However, that's not important anymore. What's really matters are we should expel Lynas out of Kuantan, our of Malaysia, out and out!
Even the experts did reported out that they don't have perfect, yes I mean perfect method to take care of the waste product which is highly radioactive.
How could we trust Lynas could do the job?

The government receive financial benefits from such activity, but not us people.
That's why we people should stand-up and sounds out loud to the national government!
Himpunan Hijau 2.0 is going to held this Sunday, 26.02.2012 at Kuantan.
For those who are able to take part, PLESE take part to make change of your future generation!

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