Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Chap Goh Mei at Genting Highland

Very fast, Chinese New Year is ending, and the worst thing is.. holiday ENDS!
Wow, this should be hard for students.
By the way I'm working too, since last week and it doesn't bother me much.
However, this year's Chap Goh Mei I will be at Genting.
Wonder if there's river for me to collect 'gam'? :P

I don't drive to genting, it's little too high for me, and also my little saga. D:
Instead, bought ticket and take the bus to there. It's quite convenient and more economic than driving.
Rm5.9 from titiwangsa straight to Genting First World Lobby. :)

In preparation for job later, it'll be diabolo-in-clown session in the outdoor theme park.
None of us are very profession in making-up the clown face, but I seems to have done a good job of that.

The Chap Goh Mei celebration starts at 8pm.
There are a WHOLESUM LOTS of people there.
And there will be fireworks going on~ +)

The cloud doesn't seems nice at the starting of the fireworks.
There's lots of haze and cloudy up there, which makes the fireworks can't be seen.
But after a few shots, the haze is gone~ =)

Now the fireworks is over, my job is done~ =)
Yeeah, 'foong gong'~
Watch the video of the fireworks below the post if you want.

What now? Dinner!
Enjoying dinner at CoffeeTerrace.

Time square stage at night~ 
Owh, I miss the doraemon~
The Doraemon world event just ended yesterday, and now they are cleaning up the decoratives of it.

'The night is still young'
And I just couldn't sleep, let's head over to starbuck~ =D
It's been some time after my last visit there.

My favourite~ Coffee java chip ice blended!

The next day, heading back home. 
The bus station is still crowded as usual.
A lil tips here:
The bus fare was same as it will be Rm5.9 back to titiwangsa.
There is many other counters selling tickets to other places such as Johor or even Pinang.

And at last~~~~

That's me by the way. :P

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