Sunday, February 5, 2012


Self explaining ~ =)
Sometimes, we need guidance to go on with our life. And yet, it is not that easy to get yourself a life tutor.
Things getting worse when you're merely listening to friends' talk and ideas.
They don't experience what you do, do what you think correct, shouldn't we?

Remember back there's 1 quote:
"Clever people talks about ideas;
Average people talks about themselves;
Lower class people talks about others"
Which is offensive in my thought, in either way.
True fact? Not really.
I rather believes that Clever people shares, Average people follows, while the lower class people just dont bothers~  haha.
By the way this is very subjective to each person and I knew it well.
Please share your thoughts to me too~! will ya?

There are no stupid peoples out there, but some who doesn't willing to learn. That's all
-- My philosophy

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