Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The famous Select All on Facebook

Suggesting people to like your own page? Or inviting friends to join your group?
The greatness of Facebook allows us to invite friends to our page which is very good. *clap*
However, things doesn't looks easy, we've gotta tick each friends one by one.

Because it is very troublesome to tick 2000 friends one by one in the box, so we did some research.
And we finally found a way to 'pick' all friends at 1 click. Although this is not new, but facebook is changing from time to time, so the old code might not be usable after a period of time.

Here's the new code:
*Seems like blogger removed partial of the code, hereby I upload a picture of the code

What to do:
1. You'll have to reach the inviting box where it should looks like the above image
2. Copy the above code and paste it on the Address bar of your browser
3. Double check as if the "javascript:" is copied on the front of the code, some browser removed it
4. Press 'Enter' and wait
5. Tadang! All picked 

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