Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kabang, the hero in Philippines today

One say a dog is men's best friend, which is really true.
In Philippines, this dog, named Kabang, lost its snouts saving girls from a speeding motorcycle.

Kabang became a star in the Philippines after it got in front of a speeding motorcycle to save the dog owner’s young daughter and niece. 

Kabang has been brought to the University of California, Davis, where veterinarians will try to fix its injuries.
But the crash took off its snout and its upper jaw. Veterinarians in the Philippines were unable to treat the injury.

So Karen Kenngott, a critical care nurse from Buffalo, N.Y., spearheaded an online fundraising campaign for the dog's care.
UC Davis surgeons say Kabang will need multiple surgeries, but they are confident they can improve its condition.

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