Thursday, October 25, 2012

New iPad replaced by New New iPad

After the recent keynote announce by Apple hours ago, Apple had made a great lush in the Tablet world by announcing the iPad Mini.
However, along with the iPad Mini, Apple announced updates from few of its product but today we're not gonna talk about the keynote.

It's about the initial 9.7" iPad!
As reviewed in the keynote, a newer 9.7 iPad is announced with minor updates like improved wifi as well as better LTE wireless to the iPad. 
But the main thing was, the Lightning slot which Apple wants for all its device have it!

Being a little confusing in the keynote, this newer 4th Generation is actually replacing the 3rd Gen iPad in all.
No more 3rd Gen iPad will be produced and now all selling is this 4th Gen iPad, iPad 2, and also the brand new iPad Mini.

"In any case, Apple has confirmed that the New iPad has been discontinued. While Apple will not be selling new versions iPads any more, they will be selling refurbished ones starting from $379. Refurbished units get a new case as well as a new battery, so they are pretty much as good as new. However, these will only be available at Apple’s US online store."

Source : LowyatNET

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