Friday, November 27, 2009

Team Building

It's quite a while after my last post.
Last week, went to a camp organized by school SPBT club.
It was so much fun, but in exchange, I've missed out the birthday party of m.ting and coach. (sorry)

We're staying in a camp site, so called 'Sufes Campsite'.
It was location around the cameron highlands.

my tent
We're all overnight-ing in tents!
and everyone builds their own tent. (freaking right?)

40 peoples are going on this camping.
8 groups is divided and each group shall have equal conditions.
I'm damn lucky eh, group-ed with all people that I knew.

my team
This is my team~
and our team got the 1st place of the overall group performance through the camp. (no idea how)
but damn happy la

"whole family foto"

showing off :P

And lastly~~


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