Monday, November 16, 2009

Dreams in November


Happy trip yesterday, with the PIZZAHUT~~
It was 15/11, our team went to the so called, KL Pac to watch the hand percussion's performance.

Before that, we were all gathered at centre.
As the climax arrive soon, it was 17 ppl going and there's only 16 ticks.. haha
Fortunately that there's still places around our sits. (Pray~~)

As the venue was KL Pac, it was known as some what performing arts centre.
It was a artistic hall.
It was rather a quite high class place to go, be sure to visit it once when you're able to.

The show started.
The starting was quite interesting as the lights on and off can go on for 15 mins. haha..
Here comes the exciting part, drums!
Quite disappointing as we're not allow to take photo of the show.
Their moves and formations are amazing.
Thou shall pay no less attention.
As the show goes on, it was getting softer and softer.
I looked back and saw Jia Jun napping.. @@

-- Intermission 15 minutes --

The second part of the show starts.
It goes on more exciting.
Seems that there's something unique going on.
3 men are posting... for 20 mins.. haha..
Then it comes to the climax part.
But this time they're using canes instead of the 'drum stick'.
It was pure beauty.
Likes their ending very much heh.

In overall, the show was good.
But the artistic part of the show made me confuse.
It challenges your mental of thinking of the show.
Might watch it the second time if there's a chance, for sure!

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