Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rest lu~~

oh man~ tired!
3 weeks gone after my previous post

day 4/12 until day 7/12
Tnd diabolo camp~
the very fascinating diabolo camp of every year
there were less people there this year, but the fun never less

during the opening ceremony

the giant group foto

camp activities :P

1 week after Tnd camp
the NTU Diabolo camp!
thanks jl for bringing me along with lun going there, kekex
5 hours drivin is pretty tire man
(sry ya~ no pitca for this)

lastly, the Genting Diabolo Competition
that just ended at 20/12
we yp team was doing the crew-ing job, hehe~

crew card~


the camp gal~

newspaper oso got

haha, from nw on, no more activities bah~
time to rest... havin sore throat and massive pimples d, T.T

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