Friday, June 19, 2009


Please.. forgive..

I knew I have no reason to beg for your forgival.

But really sorry..

I hate myself, hate my uselessness.

Cried over the night for it.

Poor relationship leads to my fail in my achievement.

This may contribute to even major failure to myself.

Just by getting 3 green diabolo..

By first, anyone wanna lend me?

I fail to find even 1, hardly able to face back myself in the mirror.

Thorns are growing everywhere on my path.

I'm used to it, if it is harmless to me, though..

Everyone has got em's origin to get.

Everyone has a 'home' to ask help from, where are mine's?

I got no home already.. not once before..

rm 80 x 3 = rm 240

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