Sunday, June 7, 2009


W A D A H E L L !!!

What the farking hell, we got second?!.. damn big shock to me, and to you too, right?

and the champion was awarded to the.. hell.. noob.. boring.. BAND?! BB~ BRA-ss Band!

Not to say that I was not willing to lose, but lose to such.. damn dissapointed.

Just because that you guys have more and more fanz in the room.

Com'n! PK with points given by judge larh, scare ah

Even when tell ah gor oso shame..

"We lose to a band.."

Duno gor got what response lol, if he don't know that the point was given by audience.

After back home, told my mum that we lost.

She was like .. "ofcourse will lose larh"...

Her explaination was much more.. like.. idealable?

She said that..

Since we.. are both champion adi..

Why give us champion again?

Com'n give another chance to other people bah~~

Moreover, she said something more lame.

The champ get rm300, 1st runner get rm 150 and 2nd runner get rm 100.

Total of 550.

Where da hell they get so much money? Of course will got sponsor larh.

Probable that the sponsor is the.. champ?

(This reason was damn stupid from what I think)

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