Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Giving up

Yea, Give up.

Whenever we meet something that we hardly able to achieve, we rather choose to give up on it, than try even more hardly to overcome it.

This is.. reasonable? Right?

Its been almost 3 month I started by B-boy lesson. :P

First, was thought it would be that fun.

As I was a beginner, what I learn should be what a beginner move too, of course! :P

I still remembered, that my first day, was just training 6-step, and coach taught me turtle and frog stand.

Somehow, they were all super duper ultra noobie skill.

Was so easy to catch up with it.

After that, we learnt handstand, elbow stand and head stand.

Then freezes such as chair freeze, shoulder freeze.

Not to forget about One-step, Two-step and also Three-step.

Feeling like one-step was just a rubbish move lol, hard + tiring + boring. :P

Was so fortunately, I was able to stabilize my Headstand, All Freezes and All Steps. (Yeah xD)

And, also unfortunately, I was unable to stabilize my Handstand and Elbow stand. T_T

They was so hard, and I dump my whole body to the floor hundreds of time.

I tried to practice it whenever I could, such as.. Monday.. But not that fortunate.. I can't..

The feel of Give Up came across my mine lol.

This feeling occur before in the past, when I was also having a hard time training diabolo. (Haha)

I overcome it, and I'm having a happy moment playing diabolo, hope so with my Breaking. ^^

+u to myself

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  1. hey..B-boy..

    i heard of this name few times jor..

    what's it is?