Wednesday, April 11, 2012

孩子不坏 We Not Naughty (2012)

We Not Naughty
Directed by Jack Neo 梁智强

WE NOT NAUGHTY 《孩子不坏》 is a poignant story which examines the problems faced by parents with their rebellious children in Singapore’s current society.

It's holiday. The new king came, and others break.
By nothing to do, accompanying friends went to watch this movie.
As this movie did received massive merit comments from several media, it makes my desire to watch it grew further. What even more attracts me was the director of the movie was once again, Jack Neo!
He's awesome, in acting and even directing.
I loved his movies.
Remember 小孩不笨? =)

Too bad, we went Jusco Kepong, and such condition happened.
No choice, switch location.
And at last, we spotted MBO Cineplex at Tesco, bought the ticket and enjoy the show.

Spoilers starts here:

Ahem, it's my personal review towards the movie.
I feel great to the movie, good job Jack Neo! Another proud of Singaporean.
We Not Naughty features few high school students with below moderate academic results dealing with each of their own problems, as well as reflecting some of the major social ills to date. In details.


Not only that, it focused a few real life value over and over again throughout the movie.
However, educational scene seems boring, to you and to me.
Instead of doing so, Jack Neo cleverly inject comedy elements to the movie making it more of comedy in certain important parts of the movie, while not getting off track of reality issue.

It gaves me huge impact on my thought when I'm watching the movie.
Probably just because I'm still in teen, and just very close up to the storyline.
I faced some of what they face, just not that extreme. Instead, I didn't do what they did.
I bet this movie suit most to ex-students who just graduated, reminding them of how they passed their high school life, in a mess, or in big.
I don't invent planes, but I lived my fullest from the depth of my spirit in my past years.
And I believe Jack wants other teenagers did too.
Academic results doesn't matters you to your succeed or failure.
Your mistakes is your fault, no one to blame of.
Blamed, seemed useless, whom being blamed won't take over of your mistakes.
One of the biggest value to the movie!
So be responsible for yourself, make your own choice, succeed your own way.

At the ending of the movie, impressive!
It's just what we wanted, we dreamt and we chased.
To be success in our own path and being recognized for our achievement.

" Malaysia boleh! "
" Singapore boleh pun! "
" Semua Al-al boleh!! "

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