Friday, April 27, 2012

I started

Opera: Hey Guys, I can open 30 pages at once
Firefox: I can do 40
Chrome: I can do 50

Opera: But I can it fast
Firefox: I can do it faster
Chrome: I can do it faster than you both

IE: I started

Ops, sorry for that, I mean no discrimination in using browsers.
As I often use 2 or more browser at a time, for certain uses.(uhm)

However, thinking that revolution of internet browsers.
There's been way many being dropped down in the past, remember Netscape?
Above few are really awesome that they didn't get dropped off and kept a fairly much user since the past.
Regarding about IE, the Microsoft proudly present internet browser pre-installed in every Windows.
It does really do its job but it isn't going better.
Even google's chrome which launched few years ago beat IE in every aspect.
Bet Microsoft doesn't lack of the resource to develop IE well, or just that we're too paranoid to IE.
IE 7 launched months ago, I didn't use it much.
Chrome ftw! =)

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