Monday, April 2, 2012

Blood Donation

Had my blood donation for the first time...

Thank god's gift to me this healthy body and I'm able to do much of I wanted to.
Days were boring and it was like a circumstance that I read a status of a friend on facebook stating today there's a blood donation activity by the St John KSTU at Brem Mall Kepong.
In a little bit of curious and to have meet with some of my old friends, I headed there.

However, there's only 1 person whom I recognize when I reach there.
Owh, dissapointed. D:
Nevermind, I'll just finish donate my blood and leave.
It was my first ever time to do a blood donation, and it does freak me out.
But it isn't that terrifying when I notice the needle already plucked in when I didn't notice.

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