Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Titanic 3D --Cut Scene--

( 4月8日讯 )

大家看了 TITANIC 3D 吗?这一幕有否被剪掉呢?

听说某国在 1998 年上映时并无删减此片段,而今次却删掉了,官方给予的解释是: " 考虑到 3D 电影的特殊性,担心此片段播放时观众会伸手去摸,影响前排观众 ... "

要是这理由是真的,年度笑话可以排名了 ... =.=ll
Have you guys watched the Titanic 3D blockbuster?~
Had this scene being removed from your pleasure?

1998, when the film was first aired, certain scene wasn't removed but this time it is.
Given the official statement was that
in taking account of attributes of 3D movie, afraid there will be audience raise their hands touching, causing nuisance to front audience...
If this is the case, guys.. List as the joke of the year ! =)

In my opinion, I don't watch Titanic.
From what I know(from my friends), that's when couples boarding a ship named Titanic, then ship face problem, shipwrecked and both couple trying to escape and so on....
Smells like classic drammatic love story on air.
However, the above statement is what being trolling everyone, scene cut-ed due to such inexplanative reason was like a joke to the public.
But that's just the way of how all those Officials doing jobs today.
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