Saturday, April 14, 2012

Battleship 2012

Battleship is a 2012 American science fiction naval war film based on the children's game. The film was directed by Peter Berg and will be released by Universal Pictures. The film stars Taylor KitschAlexander SkarsgårdBrooklyn DeckerRihanna, and Liam Neeson.
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It was a wonderful afternoon and I have come back from classes, lying on my bed preparing for a afternoon nap over my fatigued body. 
However, the bizarre phone ranged. It was one of my friend calling for a movie. Again?!
Being told of simple information of what movie to watch and what time, I purchased the ticket via online ticketing at TGV.
It was the Battleship, dafuq I think when I first heard.
Gonna be some boring movie ahead's idea floating over my beevy little mind.

However, the cast of the movie isn't as weak as it seems, featuring taylor kitsch, brooklyn decker and even Rihanna!
Huh, rihanna? What's her business doing here?
Don't underestimate her, she plays the role of weapon officer in the movie!

Rihanna's hot, really hot
And this seems like she was in her very first time to be in a movie.

Back to the movie guys, I just break my anticipation after the movie goes on, it's interesting in my point of view.
Those mechas and weapons and so on makes it a great movie.
The movie features 2 brothers whom elder Stone Hopper was much more ambitious and the other seems like not getting so motivated to goes on with his life.
Then they went on to join the marine, after a massacre event of his young brother, Alex Hopper.
Then they went on a massive combined navy training and that's where things gone crazy.
Alian arrives and fight fight fight.
One of the best moment was when Alex getting his strategy work out amazingly on their enemies, which makes me 'WOW' in my mind at that particular moment.

Morale of the movie, make courage to chase for what you love, getting well planned, battleship aren't an easy game.

There's another trailer where you can take a look, but I feels this look cooler.

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