Saturday, April 28, 2012

428 Bersih Hijau 3.0

Bersih in collaboration with the Stop Lynas had successfully held their rally at around Dataran Merdeka today!
I'm so glad to be one of the participant of the rally to make changes to our nation.

On my way to the event venue, strange things happen throughout the journey.
Firstly, look at this:
Afraid that there were lots of road closure in the city, we've all recommended to take public transit to reach our destination. And the good choice, if not best, would be our infamous KTM.
I've waited there for about 30 minutes, and I'm in joy when I saw the little head of the train, it's coming.
But wait, the thing wasn't look so simple. It just stopped there and not moving! For about 30 minutes.

Just as everyone is babbling about the train, we all lost focus in to the train.
5 Minutes after that, 
TADANG! The train disappear!
There's been so many coincidence in Malaysia, like this train just disappeared while we were all heading for rally.
Some said it gone backwards, some starting to express anger to the KTM service guy.
However, after 30 more minutes of waiting, another train came and we were all squeeze in the so-fully-loaded train.

After a few trips changing on different train, I'm safely reach KLCC.
But the crowd had decreased. I'm late by 20 minutes time, the main portion of crowd had already walked towards Majid Jamek.
But I heard there's policemen blocking the road, I know nothing until I saw this in Facebook.

Good job people!! 
Notice the men in RED is actually securities of PKR party.
I salute the bravery and determination of you guys.

Not very sure what you're seeing? Look at this Vid:

There's also people gathering at other place then walk to Dataran Merdeka.
The above image is people gathered at KLCC shot in height.

After few minutes of walk, eventually I think I've reached the Dataran Merdeka.
Where I see this:
I'm not there yet!! This is just Majid Jamek.
You go through to the front then only you reach Dataran, but look at the crowds!
Dataran is fenced, and gathered people have no where to stand, overflowing until the whole street being infiltrated by yellow.
It was estimated vast number of participants to be over 200,000 peoples from all over the nation.
That's incredible! 

Dataran Merdeka is fenced and guarded by cops.
Supporters are to stand beside and went on their rally in either condition.
Duduk Bantah

At the time of about 3pm, Bersih announced that the rally was a well done and dismiss every single participants back. But the worst case happened, the Policemen starts firing tear gas and water canons to the crowds! We all ran like chicken!

And you thought this was serious? Look at this:
I think that even where there's a fire broke out, the Firefighter also don't spray water like such.

Things gone horrible and the streets are in a mess.

It was reported that the cops had released more than 100 pc of tear gas.

Another funny incident here at Sogo.
The police car accidentally hit 2 protesters on the street thus injuring them.
The other protester release their anger as above.

In the end...
Thank god I'm safe, on the way back home..
Great salute to whom stands will with determination till the end of the event, we knew that tear gas and water canons are so terrible and disastrous

I've taken over hundred of photos and it is all uploaded to my Album here, please have a look and LIKE =)

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