Thursday, September 13, 2012

To the land of Southern Thailand - Hat Yai

Thailand is a marvelous place for vacation, with so many places of interest, I'll start with Hat Yai.
Southern Thailand..

A very big thanks to AirAsia for doing promotion last year selling their airbus ticket at 0 Fare rate.
Yes, 0 fare, that's why I've decided to book tickets a year later to hat yai.
It was a 4D3N trip for 2 persons with only RM350 go and forth.

Here's my experience of getting to Airport base on this trip:

Here's some sharing of my personally experience with Hat Yai as my first vacation to Thailand in my living ages.
The foods here are so different from Malaysia and one might not be so favor to Thai food immediately.

This is my first meal in hat yai as we reach earlier than check-in time of my hotel, we had our lunch at a nearby shop. This char kuey tiao is so different from Malaysia's.
They fried with totally oil-less and much healthier than MY's. :/

On the road, we saw the fabulous Tuk Tuk that all people are mentioning.
They look cute and yet sturdy. Bargaining with the driving is fun though. :P
Usual rates for riding a tuktuk is 20Baht per person, but they usually says higher fare.
Do bargain with them!

However, there's reasonable case that they rise their fare for a further place you're going.
For example, to the Berthai night market or Klonghae floating market might cost you 30B per head.
I've been to the furthest Big C Extra and Tesco Lotus with 30B per head.

On the first night, we went to night market of Berthai.
It is so famous and I'm not letting myself to miss this out!

The shops inside are pretty awesome too, look at these shoes. :O

After that, no doubt we continue our passion and head on to the night market in the City as well.
The whole streets along side of Lee Garden Plaza is full of stalls of foods.

There's a cinema inside Lee Garden Plaza as well, seems very big but too spacious.
There're many empty shops with not much people in the mall too. :/

We used to stay in Tune Hotel.
Take a look on my experience on Tune Hotel Hatyai here:

On the next day, we decided to went to the Samila Beach and take a look on the golden mermaid where everyone is talking about.
Fortunate enough, we get to communicate with the shop master of this Bak Kut Teh shop and they introduced an uncle to bring us out for City Tour, with a cost of course. :P

A very big thanks to this uncle, and his van for taking us 2 persons only, we managed to get to most if not all of the points of interest in Hat Yai Songkhla.

We were very lucky to know that, the office of Airport Taxi was located just a street in front of our staying hotel.
It was only 5 minutes walk for us to reach here.
They offer Bus and Taxi service to fetch tourist go and forth from the Airport.
A private taxi will cost 300B per trip, it is too expensive for us.
We'll go for the Bus with only 80B per trip, but there's specified time for the bus to reach here.
I don't remember all of the time but I do recall that there's 0645 and 1000(am) and also 1230(pm).

Since my flight back to KL depart on 1235, we board the 1000am bus to the airport.
It takes about 30 minutes from the office to the aiport.

More pictures are available here (200+):

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