Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to get to LCCT/KLIA from Kuala Lumpur

Travelling with public transport can be a little bit tricky in Kuala Lumpur as there is too much variety of transports to choose from.

What's more terrible is when you're heading to the airport but had no idea how to go with public transport.
KLIA/LCCT are too far to be driven there, therefore taxis straight to airport will charge a lot. (appx RM100) 

Here's 2 cheaper ways to the LCCT/KLIA via public transport:
i. via Train
ii. via Bus
*Required to reach KL Sentral

I. via Train
Taking a train is the most comfortable way to the airport.
However, be sure about which airport you are heading to. (LCCT or KLIA)
Different airport have different ways to go.

If you're going to the LCCT(Low cost carrier terminal), take the KLIA Transit which is located in the KL Sentral. 
You buy a ticket of RM12.50 and board the train to salak tinggi, and head on a shuttle bus which will take you to the LCCTerminal.
Don't worry about the shuttle bus, you'll see it waiting for you when you reach salak tinggi.

If you're going to the KLIA airport, worry no more!
It is much easier when you're on board of the KLIA Ekspress. Which is right opposite of the klia transit in kl sentral.

II. via Bus

Taking the bus is a convenient way but not as comfortable as taking the train.
And it might takes a little bit longer for bus to reach the airport. (Appx 1 hour)


First trip: 0315 am
Last trip: 1030 pm

RM8.00 per trip


First trip: 0300 am
Last trip: 1000 pm

RM9.00 per trip

Airport Coach

First trip: 0500 am
Last trip: 1100 pm

RM10.00 per trip

All buses can be ride on KL Sentral.
It's bus station is located at a tunnel down at KL Sentral's front door.

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