Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to change the world

Ever though of changing the world by your hands in one day? In the future, if not now?
I've came across this meaningful picture when 'm surfing the net randomly and it inspired me for a while after thinking of the message the author wanted to deliver.

To Change the World eh?
2012 is ending and we've been through all the revolution eras of the world in the past 50 years and it doesn't meant to stop for a while either.
Many people had make a change in their life as well as 'changing' the world with their thoughts.
Examples are all around! Ghandi, Steve Jobs, or even Newton for few thousand years back.

They've strife their way out for their thinkings to the world and they made it!
It is not because they are more clever nor they paid for people to promote their ideas.
But it is their own work of Persistant and Spirit of not giving up leads them to the top of the world.

It is our job to live our life to the fullest.
It is our own duty to be responsible of our own duties.
If we don't build our own dreams, others will hire you to build theirs. :)

We might be not as genius as Albert Einstein, nor as intelligent as Thomas Edison to invent.
But we must not doubt the power of ourselves. 
God created us. And we're meant for something!
Don't disappoint for all who loved us, keep one doing our task to the best and one day we might be the one who changed the world.

Follow excellence, Success will follow -- Rancho

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