Friday, March 16, 2012

Working Like a Boss

Timesquare Stage

Working like a boss up the mountain, the famous ground - Genting Highland 
It was school holiday at the first quarter of 2012 and it is a best timing for people to get aside of works schools and head off for some relaxation.
Nothing's better than Genting for us, Kepong-ians.
As fyi, it's pretty easy to Genting from Kepong. It's just 45 minutes road distance with car.

E-Kids at outdoor Merdeka Stage

A very berry thanks to Genting who urge wanted show to be presented, we are fortunate enough to take the opportunity to become one of the show artist in Genting.
Sees how sweet the girl's performing out there~ ^^

Hainan Express

Working as a show artist in Genting is nothing much better than relaxation there.
The show routine is so flexible and we have more free time than working time.
Even my first show starts 4pm and before that, it's our free-time.

Theme park

Diabolo Show was my job as a show artist there, being a pleasure to perform as my interest for my job there. I love this kind of work.
Instead of the indoor stage, I do perform at the outdoor themepark too.
But things just don't get well when it is so cold out there.

Stage view

E-Kids performance

I support Aids-X

Hou Yao Gei Express

Having working in Genting is like you're making saving BIG.
Genting provides us with accommodation as well as treating our meal all time.
In simple language meaning Genting gives us bed and food providing us best service so that we just don't have to spend money on those over-rated pricing food.

View from Maxim
(Notice there's a GTR35)

Today's hot, usually 13-15c


It's full of awesomeness that it is casual to see super-car up there in Genting Hotel.
If you're fortunately enough, you could find some R8s, Lambhors or even Ferrari there.

Street Dance Performance at lobby

Theme park utilities


Here I wanna introduce you guys with this.
CAK 8210
Such a legendary sentra cab that runs the Genting as fast as AE86. :/
If you're driving up to the highland, a very big chance that you may find one of these cornering around the mountain and catch you up thus surpassing you with their beastry driving skill.

The second day I went, another CAK there

The Garden at Themepark Hotel

Tea time

As mentioned, we have a lot of free time, nothing to do?
I eat.
There's plenty of thing out there to eat, but yet unable to satisfy me, in the long run.
Yet, a tea break is the best in the cold afternoon at Hainan Express located at the themepark entrance.
It's only rm10+ with satisfying amount of mouth bite, and make you feel happier (in my case).
Don't be like 'HUH>? RM10 for these ONLY?'
In Genting, everything is over-priced. So expect double the usual price when you're making a purchase.
Even Mcdonald here was more expensive than everywhere.
That's why we say, be well prepared(in terms of cash) when you reach Genting.

Magical Show

'Awh, I sleep with this guy

teh Awesome Belly Dance

Belly dance

Timesquare stage at 1am

Let's assume that everyone sleeps at 1030pm, thanks to Jessie Ooi. if you know what I means. 

Breakdance show at late night

Guiguai backflip

I'm working with the clowns as like we have the same boss.
Clowns here are awesome, each was friendly enough, and talented enough for some.

E-Kids again


One of the pathetic moment when a cup noodles is served without fork.
Guess what, so clever me. you know what I mean ^^^

Renovated Lobby Cafe

Beautiful View on the Bridge


Silent Hills (eek)
Notice Chin Sui Temple far down there


Theme Park Hotel

Garden too

Don't get trapped inside :x

Theme Park, with the Hook-a-Duck game

Me with le China men

Me with le magician Victor (He's cool_)

Today's sunny day, great view down First World Hotel

Belly dance group

First World Plaza


Guys, this is magic!
The 'ufo' thingy really floats up there.
And I actually did that. =)

There's a new Magic World shop opened just above the TimeSquare stage, and with so much free-time of me, went there and play their toys.

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