Sunday, March 25, 2012

325 Rally - Perhimpunan Membantah Kekurangan Guru di SRJK(C)

What is this 325? Some sort of historical date? NO, but it will be!
No doubt, today is the day where we chinese voice out our opinion to the government in such event.
It's the Lack of Chinese Teacher in SRJK(C) Rally
Perhimpunan Membantah Kekurangan Guru di SRJK(C) live at Kajang New Era College.

This is the first time ever I participated a rally, thought it should be exciting.
However, this rally is regarding of voicing out the issue of educations within primary Chinese school and also Tamil school to lead the government to work out an effective resolution and implement what they had promised years ago.

It's unlike of the previous rally that happens months ago, Bersih 2.0 which strongly related to political issue nor Green rally which we talk about health issue there.

This is about education, about our next generation.

The crowd

No doubt that education plays a crucial role in creating better work force or even better quality of people to the nation and the world.
None should neglect such important and vital element in the process of country development, but hell yea our government do.

Of-course, this created much of unpleasant to the peoples especially for those whose children are studying in Chinese primary school and Tamil primary school.
Thanks to(not really!) the given power and misleading plans of the education parlimen, seems like Malay primary schools are getting much more benefits than the other. 
(please google for more info)
Chinese schools are getting unfair treating and getting no where in providing proper and better education to the children.

Even worst, teachers in SJKCs are insufficient and the education parlimen should be sending more chinese teacher to aid the situation. Yes, they sent.
But they sent teachers who aren't Chinese nor they know Chinese to SJKCs to teach.
Such a brilliant idea(duh) creates more conflicts, misunderstanding and even communication problems to the schools. And this is the main topic of today's rally.

We people urge the government to quickly dispatch chinese teachers to school that faces insufficient educators and relocate teachers who don't know chinese to other schools whom needed them.  

Banners of the supporting group

We are not participating the rally to show our anger, nor getting fun to collaborate together but to get things right.
Only the government and the education parlimen can resolve the problem, with their strength and power.

" Malaysia is a great country, even KL tower KLCC can be built. What's more that we can't solve? Why is it that such issue isn't resolved since the past 45 years? " 
Dong Zhong said.

As a Malaysian Chinese, I think that I should take part in this rally.
For what our ancestors couldn't make it for us, we must do the job and make changes for our next generations.

The stage, with the slogan of the event

Think about it, what is the circumstances for not making the change.
Do we really have to take this seriusly?

Ask yourself, if not:

1. Never blame others, when your child couldn't study his mother tongue language

2. Never blame others, when your child couldn't speak his mother tongue language

3. Never blame others, when your child gets Full A in SPM and couldn't qualify into any of the local universities with scholarship

4. Never blame others, when your child have to study with 100 other friends in the same class

Dato Wei arrives.

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