Monday, March 26, 2012

Meat Grinder Social

Warning !!
Content below may not suitable for minors and certain people.

Artwork by Shintaro Kago

Picture taken from news feed from my facebook profile.
It's been yucky for someone, but awesome for me. (duh)
It's not about the creepiness of the image, but the meaning behind the creepiness.

By the way, thanks to facebook yea, for allowing people to sharing stuff like this.
In fact, many people scroll on facebook more than any other sites nowadays.
News get spread-ed faster than anywhere in facebook.
Just the instance your finger on the share button, you make your post visible to thousands of your friends.
What a magic I thought. hehe

Back to the topic, this image inspired me.
The world now is not like the past, 7 billions of population and on-going standing on the surface of the earth.
However, people.. must work.
Infant was given birth and grow up to a child.
Child went to school to get education for 12 years before stepping into universities or colleges.
Few years after completing higher education, they step out to face the world of challenge.
Seeking jobs, completing task and doing wholesome anything for an amount of salary.
This is exactly stages of each person must go through, to date.
Such socialization represents a meat grinder, grinds out zombified work force for their own good.

It's just my 2cent that,
Educations are not to create work force, but to lead our children to live an amazing life.

By now, our education system's too dull to achieve that.
And we knew it, we have to make changes! especially for chinese schools.

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