Thursday, August 16, 2012

Galaxy Note 10.1 Official Hands-on

Galaxy note is out for a year, and Samsung had made breakthrough to make it bigger!
It is the Galaxy Note 10.1
However, although it had been released for a while now, but there's still not much presence of this tablet outside the world.
Here's a video showing you guys some key feature of the Note tablet (not that phablet) which is quite awesome on view.
However, from my experience, samsung keyboard leave me a bad image of samsung tablet.
The keyboard is slow and insensitive to type words.
Not to mention switching languages is a pain in use.

However this problem should be resolved in this Note 10.1, since we use the S-pen to write instead of using a keyboard now. Just back to days like when we used to take down notes with pen and paper-notes. 
But instead, this note costs a penny comparing to paper-notes. :P

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