Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Hour Famine at HELP University

Hunger No More!!

It is the slogan for the 30 hour famine this year.
We want hunger no more, poverty no more as well as suffering no more!
Great thanks to Jason Lim, the chinese camp leader, whom leads me in participant to the camp.

I'm back to HELP, again!
Remember back the first time I participated 30 hour famine was at HELP too.
Found me? :P

And this is my group this year~

3 years passed, and now I'm back to here for the camp.
It was still as interesting as always, peoples were crowded at here.

The opening was as.. boring as always.
There are some awesome people to go on stage and gave their speech.
Sharing their valuable experience on working with world vision to aid the needs.
Expecting to see some old grumpy guys to talk about that, instead, a beautiful young girl came on stage for the sharing. She's a Famine Advocate!

A famine advocate was a group of 5 people this year.
I was wondering, why 5 only?
There's a reason behind of course. 
Famine advocate are youngsters whom travel their way down to various country to inspect world vision's developing works as well as giving a hand on to their events in countries like Taiwan as well.
They didn't tell, but I believe that their fees were paid by world vision as well.
So, it is a great opportunity to be one of the advocates. But not as easy as you think.
There's tests involving speaking writing presenting as well as personalities to be taken account by world vision in choosing who to be a famine advocate.
The girl above is the one, whom passed and became a famine advocate - Lim Shur. 

After the opening ceremony, the famine challenges start.
I'm sorry for not taking any pictures when the famine challenge is going on.
It was so exciting and we could not spare time taking photos. :P

After 6 hours of famine challenges, I feel no hungry at all!
Probably I was used to it already, or the games is more exciting than my hunger. 
After that, the Mini Concert comes in time.
The organizer had invited various artist to do singing dancing beatboxing performance to all of us. 

This is not a performer !!
It is our awesome english Emcee, Marcus!
He's funny, and he makes the hall goes alive every moment he host.
" The problem is funny, the solution is serious "

I like this performance group the most.
They mixed 'call me maybe' and 'gee' together so well and their voices are so awesome.
You know, every time I wondering, why these people can't be famous artist when they are so talented.

After the mini concert, it is time to sleep!
Woo woo before that, there's a sharing session by Kenzo.
No photos though, it is a serious moment.

The next day!
We've reach the stadium Malawati!
We were told that fifteen thousands of people are going to be gathered here.
I wasn't impressed, or I just don't know how much is that amount of people should be. 
However, we reached there earlier, we've got seats.
Looking at the arriving crowds from other DIY camps.

After the concert started, we were told that there were eighteen thousands of people in the house now!
Can't imagine how much people is that? Look around the pictures here. :D

There were people standing on the staircase as well, which is not meant to be stand there for the concert.
The ground floor 'rock zone' is fully seated and the whole stadium is occupied!
Stadium Malawati is not enough for Famine 30!
By the way, a very sad case to be heard. There were even about thousand people are outside of the stadium.
The hall is fulled, and they were forced to be allocated outside of the stadium, watching only live images from slides prepared outside screening the inside condition.
I felt so heartache for this, why not we just squeeze a little bit in, and let everyone inside?
I know it is uncomfortable, but how is this comparable to the poverty?

Anyway how, finally.. Lee Hom is here!
For the final 20 minutes before the break fast, he's here!
I can say, everyone(including me) went nuts seeing Lee Hom's here.
He's awesome, and too awesome to be with us with the countdown!

"Cheers" with the V-Soy

The aftermath :D

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