Friday, February 12, 2010



Haha, nice scene when lunch-ing.
Jeff took the opportunity to snap this foto with my fone.
I was beside him too, so I'm counted as... bong hong oso.. haha

Haiz, not feeling like yongzhi lately.
Why eh? bothered by loads of homework?
or violent-ed by the thoughts for the society?
ahh...stressed up again.

No idea what am I doing.
My school friends aka stjohn members.
So, befriend with my classmates = join stjohn members
Sometimes, I really feel out-strange by the gang.
More magnificent when involved with events of sj.
It's not a thing that is very primal but it bothers me too.
 I dont like the feel to be estranged!
I've been alone for years, I want to be tagged!


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  1. ur feeling same as me when last time... but i used to it ady, and take it easy