Sunday, February 28, 2010


Haha, that's my brand new phone. The nokia 1202!
yea, it's cool. It has a torch light, a black and white screen, and hav plenty of games to play too.
happy huh? =D

Damn, so many things happen lately.
I'm much less rely on cashy thingy. I've changed my thought.
Every time I lost something, I'll feel that it is actually..
"I can live without that thing actually"
And there's really something that is much more valuable, but not costy.

Everything changed over time, so do as everyone changes too.
I'm still so quiet.
Nothing to say, and likes to behave alone.
Wad da hell am I thinking? haha
Please be socialized and localized~ xD

aiks, money stolen.
Actually was gonna use da money to sponsor for the t-shirt making,
and now I gonna get money from somewhere else. Anyone willing to sponsor? haha

That's our shirt :D

HYDH coming soon le, 2nd of April.
All Ehsan-ian are invited to attend a~!
Many things gotta do, busy day after all eh.
And u guys, time to be more independent now, hehe, dai go jor
owh shit! still haven plan.... ><

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