Monday, February 22, 2010

Anything better than lock?

Wtf... I'm totally frightened.
House wasn't safe at all.
Robbery came and I'm alone at home.
It was terrifying.

2 males came and broke off all the locks and just come in freely.
I heard sounds, and whenever I go to the door, everything was a too late.
They opened the door and saw me, I'm asking who are them.
They said they're lock smith, wtf?
Then I tried to get them off, 1 of them gugut me and ask me to give money.

Everything gone as they expected and I'm tied in beside.
I was praying for my safety after-all.
and lastly, they gone off, with all my moneys, handphones, and bla bla bla

My emotions was disrupted.
I wasn't able to sleep the whole night as the event keep on floating in my mind.
My safety is in risk, they might find me again. ><
This is life, life is fragile.
I still can't calm down my mind, what should I do?

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  1. Har? Why so dangerous de. Did you get hurt or what? Omg.