Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ah Boys to Men 2 Movie Sharing

Blogging via my tablet and it is the first time for this. Hope it doesn't goes too crappy . :P

It has been a some times after my last movie, and this is the first time I go movie alone myself. 
Sounds kind of creepy but it just goes on nicely and I'm enjoying this movie so much today - Ah Boys to Men 2

Many may say it is just another Jack Neo's movie, but to me, it indeed created a sense of refreshing to my mind and motivates me up for much.

Another main reason for me to watch this movie personally was just because of the protagonist of the movie is named Ken Chow, kind of representing me as well. XD

To me, the plot is good enough to bring me entertainment even I didn't follow the storyline from part 1 of the movie. 
This movie is absolutely great with its plot regardless of how the character goes. 

Big recommendation to watch if your within doubt with yourself and are confused in your path, the movie will clear your mind, refresh your thought and lead your to a correct path.

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